Prototype your app… With an app

Tons of people out there who have an app idea in their head struggle with demonstrating how it works to others. Whether it be because they don’t know how to use programs like Sketch or Photoshop, or they’re working remotely and drawing something out on paper isn’t efficient enough to provide to the other party. With this week’s “App of the Week”, people can demonstrate how their app idea works in an easy and efficient way!


Prott – Rapid prototyping tool


One of the easiest ways to show other people what is in your head, is by using the good ol’ fashion pen and paper. Prott takes this to a whole new level. All you have to do is sketch out on some paper each of the pages of your application, snap a picture, and then inside of the Prott application you can bring your sketch to life!


With the app, you can select different parts of your sketch and have them segue over to another one of your sketched pages. Want to send it over to your developers to show them what you want done? Just copy the prototype url or enter in their email address and you’re all set. Whoever you are sending it to can even comment on the sketches and give back useful feedback!

This is definitely one of the top prototyping apps out there!


Check Prott out: